The Specialist

Dr.Vijo Varghese : Works alone.Some describes him as an extremist in strategist research and analysis, for others he is a,scientist, jurist or philosopher in the fields spanning far/wide and large to include economics, politics, conflicts, trade, legal, policy, strategy etc. You name it, the list is non-exhaustive .He is known in the inner circles by the nick name ‘Specialist’.Dr.Vijo Varghese is a unique characteristic personality to be associated with and to experience his alien intelligence.
His journey began way back in 2002 unraveling the doctrines relating to human / animal rights and welfare. His recent work on post truth philosophy propounding the existence of truth cycle for the first time was well accepted. His Interpretation of Article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union is a living example of his genius in the field of legislative research. His article on ‘the declaration of death and organ transplantation’ had profound implications in the field of human tissue and organ harvesting.
He has severely criticized the state government policy in banning dance bars in the city of Mumbai through his research paper published ‘rights, law and justice-the dance bar phenomenon’. He is the author of several research articles and has delivered the key-note speech at the fourth international colloquium on working equines-Hama, Syria. He started his career as a Veterinarian and later shifted his focus on legal studies to become a Lawyer.
He has long years of domestic and international experience .He is a strong proponent of the chaos theory and its implication/applicability in the current global issues.He is currently pursuing commercial law at the masters level.Dr.Vijo Varghese is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Centre for Advanced Research and Development.