Centre for Advanced Research and Development

The Centre for Advanced Research and Development

This is a reference site to serve the purpose of enlightening the prospective clients by providing the basic overall information about the CARD.

What We Do !

The Centre for Advanced Research and Development combine research excellence with deep knowledge of the multilateral system to generate innovative solutions to current and future global public policy challenges. We promote the development of sound policies that further global peace and security, and maintain civilized international relations. CARD is an international research institute that provides objective information on geopolitical and geo- economic developments that could lead to conflict.Our world-class researchers produce independent analysis to advance a wider understanding of global security, geo-economics and geopolitics. We offer our services to individuals, corporations and governments alike. We produce timely, evidence-based analysis and help shaping the global/regional/national/institutional strategic agenda.

CARD experts deliver impartial and rigorous analysis. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive procurement lobbying strategy tailored to your specific needs.
We are constantly searching for opportunities for our clients to do business with the state, even before such opportunities are formally announced.
CARD has the unusual combination of expertise, networking, and drive to win that you need in order to thrive in the complex global political landscape.